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About US

Who We Are

We are building
game-changing software for heat pump pros.


We founded Amply in 2021 to be a one-stop-shop for whole-home energy retrofits. We were acting as general contractors for homeowners who wanted to do heat pumps, weatherization, solar  and more. 

We built our own software to manage our process and did almost $1M in projects before we shut that contracting business down. 

Why?  Because we realized it's all about HVAC. HVAC design is the hardest to get right. It holds all the risk (the only call we ever got at 2am was for HVAC). It's the most expensive.  

And heat pumps are changing HVAC. They are no simple "box swap" — sizing, equipment selection, rebate management, aesthetics, and more. Much of that ends up as "homework" on nights and weekends. 

So we took the software we built for ourselves, and started building it for our favorite heat pump partners to make their lives easier and their customers happier.  

We love heat pumps. We love building science. We love building beautiful software. We love delighting our users.

To live up to their potential, heat pumps need to be designed, sold, and installed just right. We're trying to make sure we all live amply. 

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