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Grow sales.

Save time.

Wow customers.

Amply is more than just game-changing software—it’s your new heat pump sales and design copilot.

All-In-One App Features

Home information

Collect essential data about a house before your sales visit begins.

3D Floor Plan

Build an accurate 3D model of the home with real-time LiDAR scanning.

Load Calculations

Run ACCA-approved Manual J load calculations to correctly size equipment.

Virtual install

Pick, place and visualize the right equipment within the virtual model you’ve created.

Engaging Proposal

Export a beautifully organized design document to share with your customers and install team.

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Works Offline

Close the sale without worrying about an internet connection.



Boost Sales and Your Bottom Line

Amply produces design documents that pair beautifully with quotes and help you close jobs. Make the most of every lead with higher conversion rates and fewer callbacks.


Do Higher Quality Work in Less Time

Spend less time on paperwork, more time selling. Amply makes a complicated process faster and more accurate, condensing hours and hours of work into just 30 minutes.


Engage Customers and Stand Out from the Competition

Amply lets you invite your customer into the design process, building trust and confidence in your services. The app’s intuitive and data-driven approach helps differentiate your business from competitors.

Built by People That Speak Your Language

Having designed and sold heat pump systems ourselves, we created Amply because we couldn’t find a sales tool that let us do sales the right way. With our software, choosing between doing it right and doing it fast is a thing of the past—Amply is tailor-made for heat pump pros so you can be both fast and accurate.

Trusted by

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Freedom cooling
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Powered by ACCA Manual J®

Whether or not your state or municipality requires an ACCA Manual J load calculation, it is the gold standard for high-performance contractors. Amply’s unique approach to load calculations has been certified by ACCA, who sets the standard for load calculations and good system design.

"With Amply, I've increased my sales percentage by 5%."

Comfort Engineer | Dave's World

"Amply gives the customer a way to come into the design with me."

Co-owner | My Diamond Comfort

"The Amply app puts us miles ahead of anyone else."

Comfort Engineer | Northeast Heat Pumps

Want to amp up your heat pump business?

See for yourself how Amply is changing the game for heat pump pros.

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